When is the right time to engage an immigration solicitor ?

You will certainly want to consult an Irish immigration lawyer who practices immigration law in several cases.

When is the right time to engage an immigration solicitor

Here is the list of the different reasons to hire an Immigration lawyer Dublin

  • You are unsure of your eligibility or other immigration privileges.
  • You need an urgent consultation on an immigration issue.
  • Deportation or withdrawal procedures are instituted against you.
  • You have applied for immigration that you have been refused.
  • You have already been expelled from the country and wish to make a special request to return.
  • You are asking for an arbitrary waiver such as asylum or a waiver that involves persuading the immigration lawyer Dublin to make an exception on your case.
  • You are seeking an Irish work permit and your future employer has not provided you with any information or assistance regarding your entry and establishment.
  • You have already taken a look at the application process and dread not to do it without help.
  • Immigration Lawyer Dublin is always there to help you choose the right decision, depending on your situation and to estimate all the possibilities available to you. Each person is unique and each request also. So, it guarantees the good constitution of your file.

    With all this in mind, our best recommendation is, if you have to contact an immigration lawyer, do it as early as you can. Of course, there are matters and topics that you can take care of your own if you so wish. For example, if you need a work permit to come and work in Ireland, you can probably do that on your own. This will definitely save you some money in terms of immigration lawyer costs. However, if you choose to go it alone, make sure that you are doing your due diligence when it comes to research before submitting any official documentation or application forms. Ireland, being an EU member state provides the majority of the government service details on websites like INIS. The Department of Justice & Equality can be contacted through the details provided on their contact page. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, a good idea would be never to assume anything and contact the department directly via email or by phone for clarification.

    Where possible, our best advise to you would be to always consult with a reputable immigration lawyer in Dublin. This way you can proceed with confidence knowing that you are engaging with a fully competent Dublin immigration solicitor who has the experience to deal with your issue having undoubtedly dealt with numerous other clients in similar circumstances to your own.

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