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Investment Business Permission

Investment & Business Permission

If you are an EEA or Swiss national you are entitled to come and work in Ireland either as an employed or a self-employed person. EEA and Swiss nationals do not need permission to establish a business in Ireland and they do not require a visa to visit, travel to, live or work in Ireland. Want to know more about ...

EU Treaty Rights

EU Treaty Rights

EU Treaty Rights is a term used to describe the rights of Union citizens and their family members to exercise free movement within the territory of the Member States of the EU. The area is regulated by Directive 2004/38/EC, as implemented in Ireland by the European Communities. Want to know more about ...

Irish Citizenship FAQ

Irish Citizenship FAQs

Most Irish citizens get their citizenship through birth or descent. Foreign nationals can apply to become Irish citizens through naturalisation. If you are a foreign national who is either married to an Irish citizen or a civil partner of an Irish citizen, you can apply for Irish citizenship through naturalisation. Want to know more about ...

work permit lawyer ireland

Work Permit Ireland

You must apply for and receive immigration permission to work in Ireland before you apply for a visa. You must have a job offer or employment contract to apply. Permission will only be granted for work that is highly skilled or where there is a skill shortage in Ireland. Want to know more about the ...

Why should you hire an immigration lawyer in dublin

Why should you hire an immigration lawyer in dublin ?

In any extensive process like Irish immigration, mistakes will happen. Some of them will be major mistakes and some will be minor ones, like missing signature and stuff. If you go with an immigration lawyer in Ireland, you very quickly avoid all the risks of getting into trouble as these lawyers are experienced and they know the exact mistake spots. This is one major benefit behind why people prefer to go for an immigration lawyer instead of doing things on their own.

When is the right time to engage an immigration solicitor

When is the right time to engage an immigration solicitor ?

When should you consider hiring an immigration solicitor in Dublin? Our advice is straightforward. The best time to hire an immigration lawyer in Dublin is, put simply, just as soon as you need advice or consultancy from them. We have seen a lot of cases where people were unable to get their immigration matters resolved through the Irish legal system simply because they did not consult an immigration lawyer at the most opportune time.

Top 10 Best Immigration Lawyer in Dublin

Top 10 Best Immigration Lawyer in Dublin

Reviews on Immigration Lawyer in Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Top 10 Best Immigration Lawyer in Dublin. PC Immigration Ireland, Mulhall and Co. Solicitors, Gibson & Associates Solicitors, Sinnott Solicitors, H.G. Donnelly & Sons, Peter Connolly, Philip Lee, Ryan & Company Solicitors, MacGeehin Toale, McGrath McGrane Solicitors,

Educational Requirements Immigration Lawyer

Educational Requirements for Immigration Lawyer

One must have a bachelor’s degree and a Juries Doctor Law degree in order to practice law as an immigration lawyer. In order to specialize in immigration law during law school – the course load includes in statutory analysis, citizenship, interviewing and advising. For job applicants – internships and other applicable work experience are essential.

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